The 'Where Second Screen Marketing Is' Panel Snapshot: Should We Define Mobile As The First Screen?

Brennan: We should have a mobile-first mindset when positioning brands, but the days of fighting over the first screen should be over.

Poole: All screens play a part in ITV's strategy – it's about being multi-platform. Research into consumer behaviour shows that if they miss Downton Abbey, they catch up on their mobile. Or, think about the 200,000 people who watched the Euro on their mobile. For ITV, TV is the biggest screen, but the business has changed rapidly – from content commissioning to advertising – to reflect this.

Seaborn: On the client side, from traditional perspective, we've had TV agencies making TV ads, then mobile agencies came along, clients getting into web stuff and digital agencies started making TV ads. Was the web the first screen then? Right now, we’re getting asked to do web stuff, not asked to do TV. As mobile becomes more central, maybe we’ll get asked to do more of the other media.


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