Bridgestone Brings Drag Racing to History Channel

The History Channel has enlisted Bridgestone Tires as the lead sponsor to create a show that could be described as "This Old House" on wheels and on speed: "Full Throttle," which debuts next month.

Billed as "part reality, part history," "Full Throttle" features classic cars that are transformed into fine-tuned machines revamped and ready for the speedway - all with Bridgestone Tires, noted Jenna Farkas, a History Channel spokeswoman.

"The biggest advertisers in the show are in the financial, automotive, pharmaceutical, and technology category," Farkas said. "One specifically is Bridgestone which also has product placement - there will be a couple episodes which will involve shots and mentions of Bridgestone tires. The mentions will support their safety message."

The hour-long weekly series is hosted by self-described "turbo twins" Marc and Eric Kozeluh. In the show, two teams are each given the same model of a classic car in similar disrepair. Supplied with a garage, tools, and parts, they've got two days to get their wheels in high performance racing style as they prepare to compete in an all-or-nothing drag race. The winner drives away in both cars; the loser walks away empty-handed.



"Each episode of 'Full Throttle' features the story behind the car, the innovators who created them, how they were manufactured, and why they remain favorites of car lovers," Farkas said. Some of the models featured are the Fury, 1960s muscle cars like the Mustang and the Firebird, and likes of the Gremlin and VW beetle.

"The Kozeluh brothers are the perfect hosts for this show," she added. "They have been completely immersed in the automotive world for most of their lives. Their careers began as street racers and then in 1996 they entered into the competitive world of import drag racing by building the first Toyota Supra to break records by going 160 mph in the quarter mile. In 2002, the brothers moved to California and opened Twins Turbo Motorsport Engineering, which is dedicated to building pro racecars as well as race quality streetcars."

The show premieres on Wednesday, November 10 at 9 p.m.

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