LA Judge Allows Anti-Muslim Film To Remain On YouTube

As initially reported in OnlineMediaDaily on September 21, a judge in Los Angeles on Thursday rejected actress Cindy Lee Garcia's request for an injunction ordering YouTube to remove clips of the anti-Muslim film “Innocence of Muslims.” 

Judge Luis Lavin reportedly said that Garcia wasn't likely to prevail against the video-sharing site. Lavin referred to a federal law immunizing sites from liability for material uploaded by users (except for material that infringes intellectual property), according to press reports.

Garcia says in her lawsuit that she has received death threats since the film was posted to YouTube. She also says she no longer babysits her grandchildren, and that she lost her job due to security concerns. Online clips from the film recently triggered a wave of protests in the Middle East, including a deadly attack on the American consulate in Libya.



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  1. Jim Kass from Freelance, September 26, 2012 at 6:58 p.m.

    We should stop calling it a film. Despite all the lying and deceit around this project (first believed to be a documentary, then a $5M movie funded by wealthy Jewish investors)... It's all proven to be a ruse. It's nothing more than one man's hate speech, with much of it dubbed in after the original production was completed. So the question should be, does YouTube take down hate speech that is openly directed at an international audience? The clip was on YT for months with no incident... It was translated by its creator to Arabic and posted twice on the anniversary of 9/11 proposing to be a trailer for a pro-Islam documentary. It was intended for no other purpose than to get people upset.

    So lets all stop calling it by any other name. It's a hateful YouTube clip created by a fanatic and fundamentalist hate mongerer.

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