Facebook Rolls Out Facebook Gifts

Facebook on Thursday launched a new service allowing people to send tangible gifts to friends on the social network. The gifts, which include like things like cupcakes, sunglasses and stuffed animals, are delivered to a recipient’s home or workplace after they receive a notification via Facebook.

People can send gifts along with birthday greetings, post a it to a friend’s timeline or send it privately. Recipients can also preview the gift and swap it out for a similarly priced item if they want. Gift-givers can pay by credit card up front or after their friend provides shipping information.

Facebook Gifts will roll out gradually starting today in the U.S. Facebook said there are already hundreds of gifts available with more being added each day. Initial partners include Magnolia Bakery, Gund, Starbucks, Uber, and Rovio. Businesses interested in selling products through the program are directed to contact Facebook here.

Facebook previously had a gift shop selling mainly virtual goods which it shuttered in 2010. But it’s betting on having more success offering real world products as gifts this time around. Facebook will take a cut of sales but declined to say how much. When it comes pricing, the Magnolia cupcakes, for example, sell for $35, Gund teddy bears, $20, and a Starbucks gift card, $5.

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