Eyeview, ShopLocal Team To Enhance Ad Targeting

For better or worse, local circulars are coming to online video.
Hoping to help brands better target consumers with real-time product information via video ads, Eyeview and ShopLocal are pooling their respective expertise, Online Media Daily has learned.
Specifically, ShopLocal's SmartCircular product is being integrated into Eyeview’s ConnectAd platform.

With the partnership, real-time product prices and incentives can be delivered within video ads -- in-stream or in-banner -- via the Web, mobile devices and connected TVs.

Eyeview's technology offers viewers personalized video experiences, based on specific real-time data feeds, customizing advertising creative for local weather conditions, geolocation, current deals and prices, demographics and other user information.
In tests, brand partners like Lowe’s are reporting positive results. Alex Stone, Lowe's Digital Lead at OMD, said the product helped the brand deliver relevant product promotions, “specific to [consumers'] home improvement needs.”
Other ShopLocal clients include Target, Best Buy, Home Depot, Staples, CVS and Sears.
With the announcement of their integration with Eyeview's personalization technology, the two companies are hoping to expand their relationships with these stores.
Adam Harris, vice president, business development at Eyeview, said the prospect of reaching consumers via targeted video messages sells itself: "Video has proven to be one of the most effective ad mediums available to advertisers."
Eyeview agency partners have included Mediacom, Horizon Media and Haworth Marketing + Media.

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