Whole Foods Market Toasts, Tweets Beer Babes

  • October 5, 2012

For customers that can’t make it to Munich for the real thing, Whole Foods Market isn’t just hoisting a few in honor of Oktoberfest, it’s celebrating the accomplishments of women in the beer business.

In partnership with the Beer Wench, it’s partnered with four U.S. craft breweries, all  with women tweeting behind the brands, covering Oktoberfest traditions, cooking with beer, beer pairings, and the role women have played in the history of beer. It promises the focus will shift to a different beer every 15 minutes.

The Austin, Tex.-based retailer is also promoting  “The Love of Beer,” a documentary that follows women’s struggles in the beer world, as they  “end stereotypes, handle their rising fame and raise a family in the craft beer scene.” The film is the latest in its ongoing Do Something Reel Film Festival, and also available on iTunes.



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