Digital Video Ads: Distraction and silos.

With growing digital entertainment options everywhere, it's hard to know what to choose -- and that is not always good for business.

 Jon Mantell, vp of media, entertainment and video for CBS Interactive, in speaking at the OMMA Video event in Los Angeles, says "a lot of time people just want to watch TV. They don't want to be distracted."

Gregg Colvin, senior vp of digital at Universal McCann, says many people can be adverse to open up another entertainment app --  which is why a  "Men In Black" promotion for the agency worked so well with Shazam. Consumers didn't need to open up another mobile app.

Working with other parts of media companies can still be a challenge. Those silos -- for marketing and other ad efforts -- are changing. Says Mantell:  "It's definitely a challenge. But it's improving. We are talking an active role in that."


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