Digital video length: Short now, longer later.

Longer or shorter length for digital content?

David Lai , chief executive officer of Creative Director  of Hello Design, says it's still about "gap" time, the time  waiting on line at Starbucks to watch short length video. 

Speaking at the OMMA Video event, in Los Angeles, a panel on the video creativity, panelists still say it depends on the device -- during the day, a shorter video, and at home, a longer length video.

But Chris Young, chief executive officer of the Digital Broadcasting Group believes some of the is changing. He said a series of 10 digital videos with Kiefer Sutherland averaged 7 minutes long each, and he says complaints from consumers were that those episodes were too short. Young says research shows the average digital video was 5 minutes long in 2010 going up to 6 minutes and 20 seconds now.

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