Real-Time With Mitt Romney, Challenger Beats Obama In RTB Market Share

If the U.S. presidential election were determined on the basis of the real-time bidding volume of each candidate’s campaign, Mitt Romney would be the winner. Romney’s campaign dominated the RTB marketplace during the third quarter of 2012, according to Rubicon Project’s just-released RTB report.

According to the report, Romney dominated Obama by a margin of seven percentage points of total RTB political category spending. Obama's campaign actually trailed a U.S. government campaign on child abuse by nearly as much of a margin.

Both candidates' campaigns more than doubled their RTB spending in the third quarter versus the second quarter.

Overall, the political category was one of the fastest-growing during the third quarter, with total volume growing 43.6% from the second quarter of the year, and eCPMs declining 5.1% during the same period.

Top 10 Political RTB Advertisers During Q3

Advertisers% Spend% Change
1. Romney for President19%+1137%
2. US_Child Abuse18% NA
3. Barack Obama12%+108%
4. US Department of Health & Human Services11%NA
5. National Guard4%NA
6. Americans for Prosperity4%+779%
7. US Department of Homeland Security4%+1355%
8. United States House of Representatives2%-8%
9. Restore Our Future2%+102%
10. American Crossroads2%NA

Source: Rubicon Project. NA = Not available.

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