Big Data Creates Jobs

Gartner predicts that in the next three years about 10 organizations will each spend more than $1 billion on social media. That's one stat in many Gartner attributes to the mounds of data companies will collect from a global economy on the Internet. The research firm estimates that by 2015, Big Data will have created 4.4 million IT jobs worldwide, and about 1.9 million IT jobs in the United States.

Every big data-related role will create jobs for three people outside of IT. That's about 6 million jobs in the United States created from the information economy during the next four years. The biggest problem, according to Peter Sondergaard, global head of research at Gartner, said there's not enough talent to support all the jobs. Education systems are failing. Only one-third of the IT jobs will be filed and data experts will be a scarce and valuable commodity.

In less than two years, iPads will be more common in business than BlackBerries, predicts Sondergaard. Two years from now, 20% of sales organizations will use tablets as the primary mobile platform for their field sales force. As a result, by 2018, 70% of mobile workers will use a tablet or a hybrid device that has tablet-like characteristics.  More than 1.6 billion smart mobile devices will be purchased globally by 2016.



Aside from consumers, two-thirds of the mobile workforce will own a smartphone, and 40% of the workforce will become mobile. The challenge for marketers becomes determining what to do with this new channel to their customers and employees.

Storage and servers could become greatly in demand. "The cloud is the carrier for the three other Forces: mobile is personal cloud, social media is only possible via the cloud, and big data is the killer app for the cloud. Cloud computing will become the permanent fixture, the foundation," according to Gartner.

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  1. Cathy Caplener from Be Cause PR, October 24, 2012 at 12:27 p.m.

    Big data no doubt is the next Internet. What is key for any company implementing big data strategies is to understand how hard it is to aggregate data across multiple databases. And the search process still is not easy as far as use and the amount of time for searches. I am wearing my PR hat for my client, Chiliad, who gets this. The company recently introduced its flagship product, Discovery/Alert 7.0. This is how they see their role in big data. Real-world Big Data is rarely a tidy package. It lives in diverse formats in many locations. Chiliad Discovery/Alert 7.0 tames it, showing what matters with tools to help you decide what it means. You’re no data scientist? Discovery/Alert 7.0 speaks your language. Tell it what you need and enjoy the results. Doing more with less? Discovery/Alert is frugal. Save millions ordinarily spent on data consolidation or legions of data scientists and software engineers. With a simple subscription and cost-effective deployment, meaning is no longer beyond your reach.

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