Scout Fashion: DailyCandy Launches Mobile App

In an effort to turn readers into mobile content contributors, DailyCandy just debuted a mobile app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
Dubbed DailyCandy Scout, the app encourages readers to share local discoveries in real time.
“DailyCandy Scout enables a two-way dialog with our vast community,” said Alison Moore, DailyCandy’s recently appointed EVP and GM. DailyCandy editors will be curating the crowdsourced content, as well as programming the app with regular “Scout Challenges.”
At launch, initial challenges include “Scout That Street Style,” “Flaunt Those Fall Kicks,” “Demonstrate Your Good Jeans” and the Halloween-themed mission, “Display Your Disguise.”
Marketing partners are being invited to co-create Scout Challenges, which showcase new products and brand experiences. Fast fashion retailer H&M has signed on as DailyCandy Scout’s launch sponsor, partnering to promote the “Scout That Street Style” challenge within the app experience.
The Scout deemed to have the best eye for capturing a candid fashion pose will win a $500 H&M shopping trip.
“Sponsored challenges in DailyCandy Scout enable marketers to incorporate their offerings into a viral consumer discovery process,” said Fernando Romero, vice president, sales for DailyCandy.
Adding to the mix, a “Scout Society” -- made up of chosen tastemakers, designers, shop owners, chefs, and the like -- will be expected to contribute personal discoveries, and interact with the broader community.
In return for their participation, DailyCandy plans to reward contributors with prizes, and the chance to have their work featured across various platforms.
According to Moore, DailyCandy now has more than 6 million users.
In mid-2008, Comcast acquired DailyCandy for $125 million. Following Comcast’s merger with NBC Universal last year, DailyCandy became part of NBCU's Entertainment & Digital Networks and Integrated Media division.

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