ANACONDA: The Cuckold Campaign At 1900 hours, there will be an insertion by force until CiC has completed fire mission. Oh for christsake, knock off the military BS. If you want to "go for a run" just say so. I am just being careful -- I am not convinced gmail is command grade secure. There are 425 million gmail accounts in use right now....what's the worst that can get an ad for erectile dysfunction? Stand down, soldier! I told you that almost never happens and you have to take into account the stress I am under trying to win an unwinnable war over here. You try keeping it up thinking there might be an IED under every rock we pass.


advertisement Stop being General-Four-Star-Panty-Waist!! You aren't the one who gets poppy and pomegranate seeds up your butt every time we "run." Speaking of running, I may have to run home for a week or so for hearings on my appointment to run that place that can't be named. If you do, you better stay the hell away from that Jill Kelley bitch. I know she wants to get her claws in you. I keep telling you I have Allen on the case. Commander of U.S. European Command and the Commander of NATO forces in Europe gotta get a little something, something too. I may just drop a few e-hints to Miss DoubleD-Cup that she best revise her rules of engagement with the brass. Whose name is on the book? Not Jill Kelley, right? Gotta admit, when you said "All In" I had no idea just how all in I was gonna get! I ain't hear you complaining, my little Alexander the Great. You might not have conquered Afghanistan, but you did a good job on Broadwellistan :0) LoL. Lacing up my ASICS now.

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  1. Paula Lynn from Who Else Unlimited, November 16, 2012 at 10:09 p.m.

    Like anyone surprised ? His 85 year old, frumpy wife at home where he is hardly ever, was no match for those hotties. No special soothsayer skills necessary to predict this one.

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