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George Simpson

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Call it exactly as you see it. If history proves you are wrong, then tough luck on you - (John Simon, 1976)

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  • When It Costs Too Much (In Time And Money) To Watch Sports by George Simpson (MediaDailyNews on 10/03/2019)

    Indeed, a few years ago the WSJ did a study that revealed if you calculated the length of a football game in terms of only when the ball is in movement, the game is only 9 minutes long.  So, an astronomical need for filler.

  • When It Costs Too Much (In Time And Money) To Watch Sports by George Simpson (MediaDailyNews on 10/03/2019)

    Hey John, it is both. If you watch a lot of college games like I go, you see the same ads over and over and over and most of them are for things of no interest to me like fast food, beer and insurance. You see many of the same marketers on NFL games ( often the same creative - again ).  While they tend not to interrupt ongoing action like a scoring drive, but will cut away during nearly every pause in action...and there are lots of pauses. Alternative content: updates on other games, news, player bios, something unexpected like medical explanations of common fb injuries like concussions, torn ligaments, a visit to a home team city famous restaurant..really is not that hard. But sports in this country are all about the money. Until the audience votes with their absence.

  • We Need More Expensive Advertising by Dave Morgan (Media Insider on 07/18/2019)

    Until this is fixed, be aware that Dave Morgan of Simulmedia is the author. Not me. Thx. 

  • TV Is Dying (Still) (Soon) (Maybe) by George Simpson (MediaDailyNews on 07/11/2019)

    Hey Doug: According to Nielsen data, 18- to 24-year-olds watch significantly more linear TV than they do digital video, and a much higher percentage of TV ad time versus digital video. AND you still have not invited me to The Bennett for drinks.....

  • TV Is Dying (Still) (Soon) (Maybe) by George Simpson (MediaDailyNews on 07/11/2019)

    Ed: it is simply unAmerican to to not accept the Judge Judy numbers at face value. I believe it was Hermann Goering who said if you just repeat it over and over, they will start to believe it. If Dave has to find another analogy he will be incredibly upset. Don't be the school yard bully, Ed.

  • No Longer BFFs? Trump Tweetstorm Slams Into Fox News by Adam Buckman (TVBlog on 07/10/2019)

    Showtime's "The Loudest Voice in the Room" a look at the rise and fall of former Chairman and CEO of Fox News, Roger Ailes, if it is accurate, shows that Ailes intended from the start to appeal to conservatives then morphed into a cheering squad for the Right. Seems to be only an echo chamber for Trump's base uninterested in real facts and figures.

  • The Death Of Mobile? by Cory Treffiletti (Media Insider on 04/17/2019)

    I tried to call you about this column, but it went to VM....

  • Does The Press Still Have Credibility? by George Simpson (MediaDailyNews on 04/11/2019)

    Thank you Roger and you are right. What you characterize  as ax grinding I would say is arrogance and a feeling of superiority over their "unwashed" audiences. It has been ever thus. But I would not attribute the fall off of subscribers to overly sensitive readers, but rather technology. Imperfect though it may be, it is on the whole, the best press in the world.

  • TV For Beginners And Enders by George Simpson (MediaDailyNews on 02/21/2019)

    Ed: I have probably written close to a thousand columns for MP. This was the most bizarre (yet). If you think there is anything even suggestive of seriousness in here, you need to sit down and drink heavily.

  • Knowing Isn't Free by Joe Mandese (RTBlog on 02/04/2019)

    Most Americans (especially those who think the media is conspiring against that Idiot in the White House, who in fact is his own worst enemy) have no first-hand knowledge of how hard the upper echelons of the press work to get it right. How much discussion goes into if stories are balanced and fair and as close to the truth as is humanly possible to get. Their flip comments that the country would be better off without them, are nieve and dangerous. Go live in Russia or China and perhaps you will appreciate what a free press really means.

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