TiVo CEO: Tebow 'Astonishing' Personality

TiVo CEO Tom Rogers said Thursday he expects Tim Tebow to spark “some real chatter about our uniqueness.” TiVo recently hired the New York Jets backup quarterback as its spokesman, looking to boost its retail business and generate some excitement among operators that use its technology. 

“He’s an astonishing public personality in terms of where he sits as somebody that people talk about, are interested in, Google,” Rogers said at an investor event. “He really has a very unique standing among any athlete in the world. Despite how little the Jets may be using him this season, we plan to make much more extensive use of him.”

In a YouTube video likely to form the seeds of commercials, the QB says TiVo is “not just an ordinary DVR. It’s like a magic box that goes out and searches on Hulu and Amazon and YouTube and Netflix and it gets everything you like and it brings it right to you.”

Later, he says it can record four shows simultaneously and “throw” them to a mobile device for out-of-home viewing. “It’s a player that can do more than one thing, which I respect,” Tebow says.

CEO Rogers reiterated that of course, the similar-sounding Tebow and TiVo names helped convince the company to hire the Heisman Trophy winner.

“There are just so many people that have commented over time, you know I thought I was listening to somebody talk about you guys on the radio, but it wasn’t TiVo, it was Tebow,” Rogers said. “My teenage son was actually the first one to point that out to me.”


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