NBA Players Slam Dunk Endorsement Scores

By one metric, newly acquired Los Angeles Lakers point guard Steve Nash has the greatest potential among NBA players as an endorser, according to Nielsen. Just behind is teammate Kobe Bryant, in second place.
In Los Angeles, 11 players between the Lakers and Clippers made the top 50 combined.
Nielsen looked at the endorsement potential for the top 50 active players in the league by an N-score, which is determined by Nielsen and E-Poll Market Research. An N-score takes into account factors such as demographic profiles. N-score research is conducted using a panel of 1,100 via the Internet.
With the Clippers, Nielsen said longtime veteran Grant Hill was found to be the most handsome player in the research.
The Miami Heat, where LeBron James is an active endorser, may still be suffering from “overexposure,” Nielsen said. Three of its players ranked in the top 10 among most overexposed.
Chicago’s Derrick Rose, who is rehabbing an injury, was deemed the most talented player in the research. Team-wise respondents indicated Oklahoma Thunders Kevin Durant and Michael Westbrook, both with substantial endorser potential, were the most talented.
Washington guard John Wall, playing on a struggling team, was found to be a “trendsetter."

This article initially appearned in MediaDailyNews on December 3.

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