Want Another View Of Consumer Confidence, Check Out This Index

Affluent shoppers are 15% more likely to make an online purchase across all categories than less affluent shoppers, and on average spent 19% more per purchase, according to an analysis of ecommerce behavior between Black Friday and Cyber Monday by Martini Media and comScore.

The analysis, which is part of a new Martini Media Affluent Online Shopper Index that will report on the segment's behavior over time, also found that affluent users spent 19% more, on average, per online purchase.
In key sales categories like apparel and accessories and jewelry and watches, affluent shoppers spent 80% more than average shoppers. 
Not surprisingly, they also indexed extremely high (+41%) when it came to buying something on a luxury brand's site (e.g.,, and

The index defines the online affluent audience has people living in households earning $100,000 or more. Based on comScore data, the index identified several other key affluent consumer insights for the Black Friday-Cyber Monday period, including
  • Affluent users outspent across categories. Persons with HHI $100K+ were 15 percent more likely to make on online purchase than those with HHI < $100K, and on average, those that made an online purchase spent $113 (119 index). 

  • In the apparel, accessories and jewelry category, on average affluent shoppers spent $141 (180 index). 

  • Martini Media worked with comScore to create a "custom category" of affluent retailers, including Bloomingdales, Coach, Lululemon, Macys, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Ralph Lauren, REI, Saks Fifth Avenue, Sephora, Talbots, Tiffany & Co., Victoria's Secret and others. Among affluent shoppers who purchased online at these e-commerce sites, they spent an average of $295 (182 index). 

  • In addition to e-commerce, affluent shoppers are researching online for offline purchases. 17 percent of affluent users visited one of these luxury retailers' websites during the five days measured around Thanksgiving. Users with HHI $100K+ were 14x more likely to visit one of the 70 luxury retailer websites measured by comScore than they were to make an online purchase from one of those domains. In addition, a larger percentage searched for "luxury" retail terms including these retailers and brands like Armani, David Yurman and Gucci. Affluent users were 6x more likely to search for a luxury brand term than to make an online purchase from one of the measured domains in the analysis.
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