CES: Fast-Forwarding TV Advertisers And Media Agencies Can Get Behind

The Consumer Electronics Show again looks to offer TV content providers and marketers a sped-up glimpse into what consumers might want in future years. Call it a more ad-friendly fast-forwarding activity.

All this can give TV marketers a break from the drudgery of near-term TV advertising concerns, including: a more fragmented TV/video world; the coming of cross-platform ratings; possible changes to the current C3 currency; continued efforts for better integrated media deals; and whether or not NBC can find a way to maintain its dominant ratings lead.

Musings by media executives will abound about all those futuristic new consumer TV-video-content devices and how TV marketers can find ways to align their brands into new media experiences.



High-definition TV? That was so 2012. Haven't you heard of 4K TVs -- way sharper that HDTVs -- or perhaps more vibrant 8K TVs  --16 times the pixels of regular old HDTVs! What about wave-of-the-hand remote controls or voice-actuated TVs? Newer, stronger over-the-top TV services? Better-streaming wireless TV set-top boxes?

Media agency and advertising executives always want to fast-forward to what the consumer entertainment world might be some 10 years in the future. And yet they groan over TV/video consumers who want to do their own bit of fast-forwarding and/or commercial avoidance.

One company, Technicolor, wants to help out with a new-age DVR that has a camera focused back at its viewers -- with the possible intent of sending the right timely TV commercials to them. 

Is a family sitting around watching its favorite singing competition show? Maybe a commercial for Disney World is in order. And later that night, when an older male adult is watching some raw crime procedural series on a cable network? Think about a commercial for a single malt scotch whiskey.

Media executives could drink to that -- in real time.



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