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Why Twitter Is Morphing Into The Next-Generation, Real-Time Ad Platform

Twitter is morphing into a next-generation, real-time advertising platform and it is its access to real-tie data that is transforming the way advertisers are using it to buy television.

"Companies use data on viewers' Twitter use to time and pair specific ad campaigns with specific programs, offering ads on both TV and Twitter," writes Tim Carmody on The Verge, adding, "If viewers tweet about the TV ads they see (and the study shows that overwhelmingly, they do), they're directed to promoted trends, accounts, and hashtag campaigns that further help turn interest in the ad into purchase intent. That data in turn can help advertisers match Twitter ads to viewers who don't mention the ads, just the programs, or even television ads to viewers who don't even go on Twitter. It's a circle of continually updated data, multiple media and form factors, and online customer behavior. It's also where the line between different forms of media, and the consumption of media and other products becomes increasingly blurred."



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