Reaching Social Media Users In 2013

A lot has changed in the social media space in the last few years. Duh! Along with the technological leaps, though, we’ve seen a change in the ways that moms connect with brands. Once simple relationship building, one blogger at a time, the business of reaching out to social media influencers in the Mom-sphere has morphed into a complex system.

Along with rock star mom bloggers with publicists and long-term independent bloggers, there are now large blogger outreach companies specializing in full-service outreach. In between, there are entrepreneurial bloggers gathering their networks and offering some of the most creative ideas for social media campaigns.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of these focused entrepreneurs on a variety of projects. Their size and speed and, most importantly, their knowledge of their network and their intimate understanding of how social media platforms work allow them to not only meet but exceed expectations and provide added value.



It’s not only about reaching out to bloggers anymore. It’s about pinning and Instagram. It’s about Facebook profiles and Facebook pages. It’s about the ability to reach out to brands of various different sizes and put together bigger promotions at a reasonable cost.  

Each program we put together is focused on integrating many pieces of the social media world together in a cohesive program. Is there a Pinterest element? How will we execute on Twitter. Should we do a video, an Instagram contest, a Tumblr program, a mobile app?

With an ever-more crowded social media space, stand-alone promotions receive less and less notice. It takes putting together the pieces to create a larger effort to really drive engagement. This, noticeably similar to campaign planning in the offline world, comes down to relationships in the online world, with those bloggers and savvy social media moms who have developed the relationships with bloggers and brands that enable them to provide the pieces. 

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