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Maryanne Conlin

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Award winning digital marketing expert and MediaPost, Engage Moms contributor, Maryanne is a CPG trained marketer and president of RedRopes Digital, a consulting firm focused on cutting through the social media hype and providing strategy based marketing solutions for food and non food companies. Clients have included Avocados From Mexico, The National Restaurant Association, Mocafe Beverages, and Shoedazzle.

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  • The Power Of The Pubescent in Marketing: Green on 02/04/2015

    When we talk about marketing green, we tend to focus on selling to mature consumers, that is, adults. In reality, the consumer of tomorrow, an increasingly important influencer of behavior, is the younger generation of tweens and teens.

  • Marketing Red And Green in Marketing: Green on 12/03/2014

    This year, like the last several, consumers are focusing more on making ends meet than making the world greener ... except as it applies to their pockets. They are not less concerned about sustainability or greedier than in the past, it's just been tough few years.

  • Mission Versus Message - Why You Might Need To Rethink Green Marketing in Marketing: Green on 11/05/2014

    Sustainable brands are some of the few types of companies that are clear about their mission. While tech giants and consumer brands struggle with their mission statements, striving to balance responsibility to shareholders, with responsibility to employees and consumers, green brands tend to know why they exist.

  • When Going Green Backfires in Marketing: Green on 10/01/2014

    Just when we thought we had green marketing all figured out comes this report from The Journal of Consumer Research that found consumers are more likely to purchase green products if they think helping the environment is not the intended purpose of a product improvement.

  • Governments Regulating Responsible Consumption - Don't Hold your Breath in Marketing: Green on 09/03/2014

    A recent study in the Journal of Consumer Research, confirmed that, despite efforts by various groups, we'll be holding our breath for a long time if we expect government to regulate responsible consumption on a large-scale basis. In the meantime, growing a green business, by marketing to mainstream consumers, means selling the personal benefits of going green.

  • Forget Innovation - Green Products Drive 70% of New Product Growth in Marketing: Green on 08/06/2014

    A recent Boston Consulting Group (BCG) research report showed responsible products accounted for two-thirds of grocery product growth in 2013. That's a pretty incredible number considering how grocery brands have been struggling.

  • When We Don't Say What We Mean in Marketing: Green on 07/02/2014

    Let's face it, we all lie. Various studies have concluded that the average person lies 1.58 times per day, but frankly, there is some concern that the participants in those surveys were, well, lying. I know a number of people who might politely be called outliers ... on the high side.

  • The Big Opportunity With Smartphone Moms - Branding Not Shopping  in Engage:Moms on 12/18/2013

    A variety of studies over the past year have confirmed that moms, really, really like smartphones. Estimates range, but we can safely say that between 50 and 90% of moms of young children have smartphones. And they spend a significantly longer amount of time on their phones using apps and visiting websites than non-moms.

  • Making Pinterest Work With Moms In 2014 in Engage:Moms on 11/20/2013

    With Pinterest back in the news with its latest attempt to monetize their site, it is probably worthwhile to revisit how companies can make the most of Pinterest to make money for their brands. Pinterest is fast becoming the go-to channels for driving sales.

  • Scaling Through Connection - Why Moms Matter in Engage:Moms on 10/16/2013

    Much of the talk among brands today is around "scaling content." Following on the heels of Big Data and Social Media automation comes the discussion of how to scale content.

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