Dish Ad Rips Into CBS, CNET For Hopper Controversy

DishAd-AExtending more promotional spin from the CBS-CNET controversy, Dish Networks has placed a print ad in major newspapers touting an award for its Hopper set-top box that it almost received.

The Dish Network says "Dish Hopper Named Best In Show*: 2013 Consumer Electronics Show." It then goes on to explain the asterisk: "What is an asterisk doing in our award?"

The ad reads: "CBS will go to any length to keep you from enjoying ad-skipping technology -- even to censor its own writers and throw out their decision to name Hopper Best in Show. Your vote is the only one that matters."

The Dish Hopper ad also ran on Dish's Web site.

Nearing the end of the Consumer Electronics Show, CBS' CNET Web site named the Hopper one of the top five consumer products -- and was going to give Hopper the top honor.

CBS put a stop to the potential award, claiming that because of its ongoing legal action against Dish, it was stopping the review of Hopper. CBS called the move an "isolated and unique incident." Other networks have also started up legal action against Dish Network.

In the wake of this, a CNET writer resigned.



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  1. Andre Szykier from maps capital management, January 22, 2013 at 12:13 p.m.

    If you have a DVR, I guarantee that you fast forward through ads on recorded shows.
    Hopper just does it for you. CBS is afraid that this technology will cause advertisers to pay less for lower viewing audiences which makes sense. As it is, you already pay for cable so why do we have to view ads in the first place?

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