Sprint Race Has Voters Determining Structure

There is an opportunity to vote on the direction of a broadcast Sprint-backed NASCAR race on Fox next month. Voters can determine some of the structure of the competition, and what Miss Spring Cup will wear in a victory lane.
Voting takes place via a NASCAR mobile app (votes there count) twice or a microsite. The matter of what fire suit Miss Sprint Cup will don will be open for voting until as late as 10 laps before the checkered flag of the race. Fox will air it in prime time Feb. 16.
Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Jeff Gordon and Mark Martin are among the scheduled 22 participants scheduled for the Sprint Unlimited at Daytona. Sprint is serving as the top-line sponsor for the first time; it already has a similar role with an all-star race in Charlotte and is behind the Sprint Cup.
The 75-lap race, taking place the weekend before the Daytona 500, will be divided into three segments.

Voters will have a say on the length of each; polls close several days before the race. Also to be determined is whether the race will have a pit stop after the first segment or what type of tire change will take place. (Voting continues until the race begins.)



Voters can also keep casting ballots during the race to determine how many drivers will be knocked out for segment three.
Robin Pemberton, vice president of competition for NASCAR, stated the initiative marks  a “first-of-its-kind opportunity to directly be involved in determining the race’s format and in-race decisions.”

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