[x+1] Origin Allows Marketers To Use Own CRM Data

[x+1] has upgraded their Data Management Platform (DMP) to allow marketers full access to paid and owned media channels. Marketers will now be able to use their own CRM data when using [x+1] Origin, a key platform in the real-time media marketplace.

“No one questions the incredible value of data to digital marketing,” stated John Nardone, [x+1] CEO. “There’s no reason that value should be limited to paid advertising.”

In addition to using their own CRM data on both paid and owned media channels, [x+1] says that marketers will now have more control in how they reach customers and will be able to follow the performance of their campaigns with more ease.

“What we have done with Origin is open the floodgates so the full potential of data -- plus the skills and insights of marketers -- can be applied easily and equally to all online channels and touchpoints,” stated Nardone.



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