RTB's 'Moneyball' Connection

Here at OMMA RTB, we’re placing bets on how long it takes Barbara McHugh -- Senior Director of Marketing at Major League Baseball Advanced Media, and our afternoon keynote -- to make her first “Moneyball” reference. (Anytime the topics of baseball and complex ad technology converge, the book by Michael Lewis -- and later movie starring Brad Pitt -- is sure to make a cameo.)    

In the meantime, it’s worth noting that McHugh is really happy with her RTB-driven campaigns, which are handled by Quantcast. Today, the campaigns are delivering 40% of revenue (in ticket sales), while using only 22% of MLBAM’s ad budget, according to McHugh.

Update: Miraculously, McHugh refrained from dropping the "M" bomb during her 20 minute presentation. Immediately afterward, however, MediaPost editor-in-chief Joe Mandese took the bait in a followup quesion.  

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