GSI and Ensighten Partner; "Validates" Tag Management, Says Cahill

Earlier this week, GSI Commerce announced a partnership with Ensighten, a real-time “tag management” systems provider. The question is, what exactly is a real-time tag management system? I'll try to break it down as simple as possible.

Basically, it’s a system that allows companies to manage all of their web site’s third party ”tags” (not exactly cookies, but a close cousin) in one location.  And, from that single location, they can manage all of the data collected by those tags.

Then, the customers – in this case, customers are businesses looking to make profit through a website – can use all of that data to customize how to target their own customers.

Ensighten VP of Marketing Des Cahill believes that this partnership “validates that the tag management space has arrived.” Anything that does a better job of collecting relevant data in a simple way is sure to help the RTB space in general.

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