Selectable Media Adds Ad Option To Mobile


Pioneered by Hulu and other platforms, giving content consumers multiple ad options continues to gain traction. Some marketers even see the model as a solution to low mobile engagement rates.   
At clients' request, for instance, Selectable Media is now making its ad selector service available via mobile devices.
“We have run mobile campaigns with Google and Ebay over the last six months,” said Matt Minoff, CEO of Selectable. “We expect clients will start to make mobile [and] tablet a part of all campaigns over the next 12 months, given the success we have had on PC efforts.”
Selectable specializes in tools that give consumers access to digital content in exchange for viewing ads, or somehow interacting with brands.
Clients yet to test Selectable’s ad selector tool via mobile include NBC, Wendy’s, Kraft, HBO and Samsung.
So far, the startup’s mobile strategy has performed better than expected, said Marc Rothschild, COO of Selectable Media. “Our mobile campaigns are seeing completion rates of more than 96% and click-through rates of higher than 10%,” he said.
More broadly, ad selector models have been shown to drive better performance for brands, including 290% higher ad recall, and 109% click-through rates when compared to standard pre-roll, according to research by Vivaki.
Late last year, Selectable got a boost when it was accepted into Microsoft’s Bing Fund.
In a blog post, Rahul Sood, General Manager of Bing Fund, said of the union: “Bing Fund will be working closely with the [Selectable] team to exhaustively explore and identify the paths to help them reach the next level whether that’s through access to domain expertise Microsoft possesses, technology resources, business development opportunities, or funding.”
Game developer 50 Cube is just the latest client to adopt Selectable’s ad selector tool for mobile.

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