UMich Sports Department Stings Athletes with Online Babe

After Notre Dame’s football program suffered through an embarrassing “but she didn’t actually exist” scandal with Manti Te’o and his fake girlfriend, who tragically died of fake leukemia, it’s understandable that university sports programs might be concerned about who their athletes are talking to online -- or rather, who they think they’re talking to, and what they might tell them, or, ahem, show them.


According to, the University of Michigan athletic department decided to deliver a little lesson in online discretion to players on the UMich Wolverines football team with a social media sting, conducted with the help of a real-life woman, who actually exists and is hot. According to, coach Brady Hoke described the social media sting thusly:




“She tried to talk to our guys. ‘Hey, what are ya doin’?’ Whatever it might be. Well, two months later we’re in a team meeting and we’re on the topic of what you put out there in the cyber universe -- you should have seen 115 guys when that young lady -- she was hot, now; a very, very nice looking young lady --  when she walked into that meeting room, and the guys looking at each other. Because some of them didn’t use their heads when communicating back and forth with that young lady.”


Quite what that means is unclear, and probably not printable in a family e-newsletter, but according to blogger-reporter Kyle Rowland, “Some athlete responses were wholly inappropriate.”


For the record, it should be noted that associate athletic director David Ablauf denied at least some of the story, asserting that the woman never made direct contact with the players. But apparently it was direct enough.

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