So Much For Being Social Media Insiders

Day One of the Social Media Insider Summit got off to a not-so-insidery start this morning, with a sponsored breakfast presentation by Jeff Ragovin, Chief Strategy Officer, Salesforce Marketing Cloud (formerly Buddy Media). It’s not because Ragovin isn’t an insider. He is -- he was like employee No. 3 at Buddy, SMIS conference chair Cathy Taylor just confided in me. It’s because Ragovin is kicking things off with some pretty basic primer stuff -- not exactly insider fair.

“People still don’t know the difference between paid, owned and earned,” Ragovin asserted, scanning the meeting room at the South Seas Island Resort on Captiva Island, and adding, “People in this room.”

Actually, it turns out the people in the room did know the difference between paid, earned and owned, because Ragovin proceeded to show a bunch of version of each and gave out gift cards to attendees who could identify them correctly. All of them were. So I don’t think Ragovin really meant it as a challenge to the attendees’ acumen, so much as a reminder of our blurry the lines can be. (For what it’s worth, I got a couple of them wrong. But I’m not a social media insider. I just write about them.)

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