This Post Will Make You Happy (Or Sad) Depending On When You Read It

Twitter Head of Global Product Marketing Guy Yalif showed some fascinating applications of Twitter data, including how consumer sentiment can be tracked by Bluefin to determine which TV shows perform best.
Recalling a New York Times story from a year or so ago reporting on data indicating that Twitter has a biorhythm to it -- that people begin their day upbeat and optimistic, but end it downtrodden and pessimistic -- so I asked Yalif if Twitter was beginning to utilize any of that data to help brands target consumers.
“We don’t, but it is something we love third-parties to do,” Yalif said, adding that some of the better examples he’s seen included a Jello campaign that sent samples of Jello to people who were sad, and a “hedge fund” that traded on Twitter sentiment.
“They outperformed materially,” he said. “They have some amazing secret sauce.”
No doubt, they are not tweeting it.
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