Social Media's Deep Ocean Exploration Connection (Who Knew?)

When Liz Shows was introduced for the last panel of the Social Media Insider Summit as a “deep ocean exploration expert,” my first thought was, “Oh no, not another ridiculous new example of digital hyperbabble. But then I found out she is genuinely involved in actual ocean exploration, not the sea of Internet content. Shows, who is manager of corporate communications at Odyssey Marine Exploration, is a panelist on the “Should Social Responsibility Come With Social Media Marketing” panel, and she seems to believe it does.
In an era when everyone has a digital publishing platform in their pocket, she said anyone can be a journalist. That said, she noted they often don’t comply with the traditional elements of journalist, including accountability and vetting sources, etc.
While she was speaking, panel moderator Bryan Boettger, Chief Creative Officer of The Buddy Group, showed a slide on the screen quoting an article from a 2011 edition of the Columbia Law School Magazine, which read: “Relatively few Internet sites engage in original reporting; between 85% and 95% of all professionally reported news still originates with daily newspapers.”
For the record, this post was generated by me observing real people in real-time, and is 100% original.
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