Panel: Mobile Users Make Loyal Customers

Answering a question about whether offering special deals to mobile users is worthwhile, the panelists suggested mobile customers tend to be more loyal than other customers. Eric Vaughn, Director, Interactive Marketing, Monte Carlo Resort and Casino, said the company’s mobile clients spend more than average based on campaign testing it’s done. Similarly, Luanne Bryant, Senior Manager, Digital Marketing, City Furniture, indicated customers responding to SMS campaigns are loyal customers, feeling they have a relationship with company through mobile messaging.

Warren Zenna, Managing Director, Digital / Mobile Practice, Woods, Witt, Dealy & Sons, said special deals or last-minute offers can make sense especially in relation to loyalty programs, as a way to continue building relations with long-term customers. But he added it can also be worth risking a narrower margin through a special offer to bring in new, potentially loyal users.


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