Sergeant's Enlists Actress For Pet Health Effort

Tiffani-ThiessenSergeant’s Pet Care Products  has hired actress and animal advocate Tiffani Thiessen for its emBARK on Pet Health effort, aimed at educating and empowering pet owners.

The emBARK on Pet Health campaign, which coincides with Responsible Pet Owners month, asks pet owners to take a simple pledge on its Web site to become more mindful of their pet’s ongoing needs.

Each pledge will trigger the donation of a Sergeant’s Pet Health Kit to one of the millions of animals waiting for their forever homes at local shelters nationwide. The American Humane Association will assist in identifying shelters in need.

Sergeant’s Pet Care Products is donating up to 5,000 kits. The company is promoting the effort on a dedicated Web site, as well as on its Facebook page.



Providing pets with consistent preventative care can save pet owners from having to deal with larger problems down the road and can add years to the life of a pet, said Patsy Sumner, Sergeant’s vice president of marketing services.

“As pet owners and leaders in the pet care industry, we understand that pets truly are members of the family,” Sumner said in a release. “We know owners want to keep these family members healthy, so it’s our mission to ensure that we are a resource they can call on when they have questions regarding their overall health needs. The products and tools we provide are designed to ensure that pets and their families have long, happy and healthy lives together.”

Each Pet Health Kit, estimated at a total retail value of $50, features Sergeant’s products designed to keep pets healthy including Sergeant’s Whiff Shampoo, PurLuv Sizzlin Strips, Sentry Petrodex Dental Kit, Sentry Calming Collar for dogs with Good Behavior pheromone technology and Sergeant’s Vetscription Joint Eze Plus.

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