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NYT Announces Real-Time Ad Serving Via Twitter

  • Beet.TV, Wednesday, February 20, 2013 12 PM

The New York Times Idea Lab has launched Sparking Stories, a technology that uses what's trending on Twitter to serve ads in real-time. 

"Twitter is a human network that can take on the characteristics of media," said Michael Zimbalist, VP, R&D operations, The New York Times, in an interview aired on Beet.TV. Zimbalist explains how the New York Times uses Twitter's trending data to follow how certain audiences react to and share different stories on Twitter.

Zimbalist says Spark Stories allows the company to study the demographics of an audience that shared a specific story in order to "activate" that same audience again in the future (and accurately predict its reach). From there, Spark Stories allows better ads to be served in real-time to the right audiences.

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