The Real-Time Marketplace: Now There's An App For That

Marketplace data on real-time bidding will be available a little more real-time, thanks to a new mobile app being introduced this week by Rubicon Project. The app -- which initially is available for iPhone users and soon will be available in Android and Kindle Fire versions -- will give anyone, anywhere access to Rubicon’s monthly Marketplace Report detailing programmatic trading trending trends by major advertising categories and online publishing genres.

The app replaces the analog PDF reports that Rubicon had been using, and is part of a progression to speed up and broaden access to the data.

“We wanted to make the data even more accessible,” explains Steven Hartman, vice president-marketing at Rubicon, adding: “We want to increase the shareability.” To that point, Hartman said Rubicon plans to develop future generations of the app that will give users the ability to share it directly with their own social networks, and to have specific notifications pushed to individual users based on their interests.

Perhaps the most distinctive and dynamic elements of the new app is the dashboard-like way that users can interact with and change the way the data is visualized, says Helen Jen, director of product marketing at Rubicon, who gave this reporter a demonstration on her iPad during Rubicon’s summit in New York Wednesday.

Currently, she says each month’s data is refreshed within two weeks of the next month, and that Rubicon is looking into ways of making the data even more immediate and real-time.
The app can be downloaded for free either at the Apple iTunes store or directly from Rubicon







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