Outbrain Acquires Visual Revenue To Boost Online Presence

Yaron-Galai-BAs part of a broader effort to help publishers cut editorial costs, while boosting their online presence, Outbrain has acquired headline predictor Visual Revenue for an undisclosed sum.
Founded in 2006, Outbrain gives online publishers a platform for recommending content links with the hope of increasing traffic and page views.
Outbrain CEO Yaron Galai said his company, and the addition of Visual Revenue, bode well for the future of news media. A self-proclaimed fan of “great journalism,” Galai said he believes “strongly … in the important role the editor has in the newsroom.”
According to Galai, Outbrain serves editors and their publications by strengthening their editorial decisions with relevant data and analytics.
The Outbrain service also promises to better monetize publishers’ content pages by leveraging recommended links to third-party content.
Visual Revenue, for its part, offers media companies a “Front Page Decision Support System” for their online editors.
The technology tries to predict the performance of a piece of content about 15 minutes into the future, and then provides editors with real-time recommendations on what content to place in which position on a front page -- and for how long.
Visual Revenue’s “Bloomberg terminal of the newsroom,” so-called, has been gathering steam over the two years. The startup boasts an impressive client list, including Forbes, Time.com, NBC, CNN Money, and Cox Media.
Per the acquisition, all 25 members of the Visual Revenue team are expected to join Outbrain.
Outbrain publishing partners include USA Today, The Daily Beast, Ziff Davis, iVillage, Slate, and Univision Interactive.

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