Google Now Features Headed For Chrome


A Chrome code review notification being built as an extension into Google's operating system and browser provides insight into the added features that Google Now will support and the extent of the project.

A week ago, other notifications were added to the options, such as parsing server responses and showing notifications, and adding user data.

Speaking at South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi) earlier this week, Amit Singhal, Google fellow and senior vice president of search, mentioned Google Now as the technology pulling relevant data to send automatic alerts and content to users, as part of the backbone for the engine's Star Trek-type vision for computers.

Google's mobile OS supports Google Now by bringing information to people without specifically making a search or setting an alert or notification. It works to prompt users about nearby stores and restaurants, reminds them to leave for a meeting, checks the traffic reports, etc.

Google Now could make  several features as separate apps obsolete, such as Google Voice Search, recently debuted by the engine. The company will likely integrate voice search into the tool to run in the background. In one Google video uploaded recently to YouTube, a little girl looking out the window at snow falling asks her father, who is packing to go on a trip, to check his airline flight status. He reaches for his phone, clicks on the Google voice app and asks the question. Google voice responds: "Sequoia Flight 62 is canceled." The two happily run outside to play in the snow.

When built into Chrome, Google Now will alert the father that the airline canceled the flight by connecting the data between his calendar entries, email correspondence and, perhaps, telephone call list.

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