Increasing Viewability On Real-Time Ads

AdConductor this week announced a partnership with RealVu to make in-view ad impressions available for real-time bidding. Being "above the fold" is important to advertisers, and AdConductor claims to be the only SSP to offer RTB-enabled viewable inventory.

In a company blog post, AdConductor wrote, "…unlike other in-view offerings that guess if an ad space is viewable, RealVu's…technology actually determines the viewable area of a web page and calls a bid only when the ad space is in-view." 

Brad Krassner, CEO and founder of RealVu, stated, "The in-view impression is in line with industry initiatives to make the viewable impression the standard for online advertising." He also stated that in-view impressions reflect a demand for "high quality impressions in a programmatic environment." 

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