72% of Video Buyers Upped Spending Last Year, Adap.tv Semi-Annual Report Says

Adap.tv this morning is releasing its semi-annual state of the industry report in New York, which will, in the broad strokes,  reveal that 72% of video buyers increased their budget in the last year. The average spend  increase was 53% compared to 20% in 2011.

Where did that money come from? According the report, 41% shifted money from display, and 39% raided their TV budgets. The average amount of  budget allocations  ripped from TV was 11%.

As for programmatic buying, 66% report they’re doing it in-house. Publishers are said to be “three times more likely” to run online video through a private marketplace than  they were last year.

Significantly, given the spectacular growth of mobile use by consumers, 48% of online video buyers added  mobile video to their spending plans.

Fourteen percent of buyers and 15% of sellers participated in the so-called digital “newfronts” last year. Sellers, by survey, predict their participation will double this year. Buyers aren’t as revved up according to Adap.tv’s snapshot of figures released in advance of the actually release of the report.

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