OMG, Teens Are Using Email Again

That’s the surprising development that Morgan Stewart, CEO of Trendline Interactive, and emcee of the Email Marketing Insider Summit kicked things off this morning, noting, “Email is going to be just fine.”
The reason he is so bullish, needless to say, is the, well, trendline. Specifically, among teenagers.
Based on focus groups with consumers, Stewart said teenage use of email had been trending down until very recently, when it suddenly began to spike again. At first, he said analysts were flummoxed about the behavioral shift, until they discovered the primary factor.
It came from a “15- or 16-year-old girl,” who explained to Stewart’s team, “I’m actually not using email,” she said, explaining, “I can’t use email, because my mother won’t buy me an iPhone.”
“What it came down to is that phones have really brought email back stronger than ever,” Stewart said, adding that while phone useage of email represents some new “challenges” in its own right, “It’s part of what’s driving the resurgence in our business.”
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