Performance Marketing Can Help Email Marketers Acquire New Customers Online

Working with performance marketing companies can help marketers find new customers online. "Performance marketing gives great volume levers," said Bruce Cook, SVP of business development at Lending Tree. "You can add more volume into the mix or less volume, as it relates to email you gain access to millions of consumers that are third party permission based."

Marketers like working with third party acqusition companies because they are trackable and they don't have to pay for an action until an action happens.

How do you shop for one? Just like you'd shop for any other vendor, said Amanda Currie, SVP of Adconion Direct. "Look at longevity in the market," she said. "Are they providing strategy? Are they providing insights? Can they tell you their process?"

These partners should help add value said Scott Kaufman, VP of marketing at the Lasik Vision Institute, who said that emails sent through performance marketing partners should cost less but generate the same amount of revenue. Perhaps the mailing is smaller, but it is more targeted and it is better than mass marketing," said Kaufman.

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