All Commerce Signs Point Up for Group of Retailers

Arrow-up-Graph-BThough we wrote about the 10% world of mobile commerce yesterday, it doesn’t mean commerce isn’t growing in some substantial ways.

A new report out today indicates that some retailers are seeing significant year-over-year growth, to the tune of an 85% increase in orders via smartphones.

The research is based on 76 million Web visits, 511 million page views and 1.2 million orders totaling $163 million. The index was organized by m-commerce platform provider Branding Brand over a group of 18 major retailers whose commerce sites they developed specifically for mobile commerce.

Compared to a year ago, the index shows the following year-over-year market share gains for the mobile sites tracked:

  • 60% increase in smartphone visits 
  • 50% increase in tablet visits
  • 85% increase in smartphone orders
  • 52% increase in tablet orders
  • 57% increase in smartphone revenue
  • 44% increase in tablet revenue                   



While the increases are significant, they still make up a small piece of the overall pie. For example, smartphone visits account for 19% of total visits and tablet visits account for 12%.

And while orders from smartphones increased 85%, they only make up 5% of total orders, with tablets making up 11%. (Back to that 10% world of mobile commerce).

Revenue also dramatically increased in a year, though smartphone and tablet revenue combined account for 16% of total revenue.

Branding Brand execs tell me that this is the beginning of a regular tracking index so this wil be interesting to watch evolve over time.

The company’s client list includes many well-known retailers, like American Eagle Outfitters, Ace Hardware, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Steve Madden, Brookstone and Calvin Klein, so this is not about small businesses.

If the percentage increases continue anywhere near where they are in today’s report, they could be yet another indicator of the scope of where this is all headed.


mCommerce Summit Update: Unilever, Hyatt, Walgreens, Bank of America, Foot Locker, Verizon Wireless, Western Union, Pandora, Giant Eagle, Ansible Mobile coming.  June 16-19, in Kohler, WI. Check it out here.

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