Why Mark Zuckerberg Is So Close To Comedy Central's Heart

What do Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter creator Jack Dorsey, Tumblr father David Karp, and Pinterest's Ben Silbermann all have in common? Each could easily finance his own well-appointed army? That -- and, “They’re all millennials,” Don Steele, VP of digital marketing and fan engagement at Comedy Central, told OMMA Social attendees on Monday. In other words, the network’s target demographic is the same demographic developing the digital tools that are transforming the lives of millions upon millions of consumers. That, in turn, creates all sorts of opportunities and challenges for the Viacom unit, according to Steele. Not only is rapid digital innovation critical, but the network has the chance to harness the tools and services that its audience are often first to embrace (and, in the case of Zuck, Dorsey, and Kard, actually create). As such, says Steele, it’s more important than ever for Comedy Central to ask: “How are we evolving with the times?”


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