The Restless Are Natives

Well, the “mobile display” panel at OMMA Mobile got pretty worked up when moderator Craig Weinberg mobile practice lead at MindShare, invoked the “n” word. You know, “native.” Specifically, when he asked his panelists to explain what they think native advertising is.

“It could mean 100 things to 100 people,” said Louis Gump, CEO of LSN Mobile.

“Nobody knows exactly what it will be,” said Lars Albright, co-founder and CEO of SessionM.

“Is Buzzfeed to blame for this whole native thing,” asked Scott Swanson, CEO of Mobile Theory, adding that while it works really well on Buzzfeed’s news feeds, it doesn’t work that well on a lot of other sites.

At least one panelist seemed fairly sure about what “native” advertising is, and what the benefit of it is for a brand and a consumer.

“It’s a relevant piece of content that connects with consumer intent,” asserted TargetCast President of Interactive Marketing Steve Minichini, adding. “If it connects with consumer intent, it’s the way to go.”

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