VivaKi Strikes Exclusive Deal With Adelphic, Will Enable Programmatic Mobile Trading To Grow 'Exponentially'

In an important development for the programmatic trading of mobile audiences, one of Madison Avenue’s biggest agency trading desks -- VivaKi’s Audience on Demand (AOD) unit -- this morning said it is partnering with a promising new mobile audience targeting platform that will close some critical “gaps” for programmatic mobile deals.
The deal with mobile audience data startup Adelphic -- which VivaKi characterized as a mobile “DSP,” or demand-side platform -- will enable VivaKi to target mobile users across exchanges, networks, and importantly, direct publisher inventory with the kind of precision that so far has only been available in the cookie-based online display marketplace.
Unlike other players in the fledgling mobile DSP marketplace that simply plug into mobile inventory exchanges, Adelphic has developed a method that can identify mobile users directly based on context, demographics, behaviors, location, and of course, the characteristics of the mobile devices -- both smartphones and tablets -- they are using.
The method will enable VivaKi’s AOD to expand the reach of mobile users beyond conventional mobile ad exchanges, says Adelphic co-founder Jennifer Lum, enabling the desk to “target content on all mobile devices -- including tablets -- through direct integrations with mobile Web sites and apps, exchanges and other supply side platforms.”
As part of the deal, Adelphic and VivaKi will jointly develop proprietary methods for segmenting mobile users based on specific consumer behaviors relevant for VivaKi’s clients. The companies described this approach as “beyond the cookie” and something that will enable “mobile to grow exponentially.”
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