JCDecaux Goes Enormous At JFK

JCDecaux’s airport division has unveiled what is technically known, in industry parlance, as a “big motherscratcher” of a digital billboard at JFK International Airport’s Terminal 8, which you will most assuredly be unable to miss if you fly American or American Eagle (or Air Berlin, Air Brussels, Royal Jordanian or Finnair).

The new digital “spectacular,” as it is justly termed, is 50 feet long and about five feet tall (the latter figure is a guesstimate), with a 688,000-pixel display, making it the largest digital sign at JFK. It is located above the central passenger corridor in Terminal 8, so everyone departing from the terminal pretty much has to see it. According to JCDecaux, nine million passengers traveled through Terminal 8 in 2012.

JCDecaux also unveiled plans for a new “Prestige Digital Network,” composed of three dozen 70-inch HD screens, at Newark Liberty International Airport. The network, which will be located throughout the main gate areas, is supposed to be complete by the end of June. Newark handled 34 million air passengers last year, making it the fourth-busiest international airport in the country.



In April of this year, Clear Channel Airports unveiled four “video towers” in the Denver International Airport. The displays consist of LED screens measuring 26 feet on the diagonal, mounted in four towers surrounding the airport’s “Great Hall” elevator column, and will reach around 50 million passengers per year with advertising as well as useful information about the airport. The towers will form the centerpiece of a larger roll-out of digital communications technology throughout DIA, including over 118 LCD screens around the airport, freestanding 70-inch LCD screens in the airport’s Jeppesen Terminal, and overhead video walls in its A, B, and C concourses.

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