Toyota Turns To Velti To Reach Growing Mobile User Base

Toyota has announced a partnership with mobile marketing firm Velti to help the automotive company connect with their growing mobile user base through mobile media campaigns. Toyota and Saatchi & Saatchi LA will use Velti's mGage platform.

Krishna Subramanian, CMO of Velti, told RTM Daily that more brands should be focusing on mobile real-time marketing. "Optimizing media buying in real-time allows brands to effectively target the right users on the right platform," he said. "Brands should be less focused on building different campaigns based on platform and more focused on understanding the behaviors of consumers so that they can get the most out of their marketing dollars."

According to the release, Toyota is getting more involved in the space because that's where their customers are headed. 
Dionne Colvin, national marketing media manager for Toyota, stated, "An increasing number of Toyota customers are turning to mobile to learn about our products and engage with our brand. By understanding who our users are and how and when to reach them, we can make real-time campaign adjustments that increase accuracy."

Subramanian said that by using Velti, Toyota will better understand what they paid for, how effective a campaign was, and how to better target their mobile consumers.



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