Clear Channel's Pittman Advocates Better Media Metrics

Clear Channel CEO Bob Pittman suggested Tuesday that the media industry needs improved measurement across broadcast and digital properties and better marketing-mix models to “reflect true consumer behavior.”

“The best way to prepare for the future is by listening to the consumers,” Pittman said in a speech at the ARF conference in New York.

One long-held belief, he said, is “convenience is king.” Even if a product is inferior -- cell phones vs. landlines, microwaves to ovens -- ease can conquer consumers. “We have to stay on top of that,” he said.

Another trend to monitor, he said, is Americans increasingly leaving the home -- opening opportunities for mobile media consumption. He said 61% of usage of Clear Channel’s iHeartRadio app is via mobile devices.

As for ad sales, Pittman indicated there is an increased effort on delivering results, such as test drives or product sales. “Part of it is a culture of understanding,” he said, referring to efforts to learn about an advertiser’s underlying goals. “We often go into an advertiser and say don’t give us a buy, give us an assignment,” he added.

Clear Channel operates hundreds of radio stations, outdoor advertising in some 30 countries and live events.



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