Mobile Shopping & Devices of Choice

We continue to see various studies pointing to which mobile devices are the prime sources of commerce.

A global study by Bigcommerce, an e-commerce platform company, analyzed sales data from its 35,000 online businesses to measure the state of online and mobile commerce.

The company found that its e-commerce market increased 162% from last year, with a 70% increase in the number of new e-commerce entrants.

The company also saw growth in e-commerce overall, with the revenue of independent online businesses increasing 17% from the previous quarter.

Around mobile commerce, the research showed again that iPad is a preferred buying device.

As in other research, Bigcommerce found that for online mobile shopping sales, the tablet was the preferred device, with iPad sales increasing 363% to $22 million in sales.

For handsets, sales by iPhone increased 377% to $13 million and Android 345% to $7 million.



The company’s customer base is global with the largest markets being in the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom.

In a separate study released today by Affiliate Window, sales by device were also highlighted.

For sales via handsets, Apple leads with way in percentage of sales (57%), followed by Android (27%) and Blackberry (14%), according to the Affiliate Window research.

It’s apparent that a bigger, portable screen can be more conducive than a small one for an easier and more laid-back shopping experience.

However, what is generally not mentioned in numerous studies is where all the influence points are in the course of the entire shopping activity.

While it’s relatively straightforward to determine the source of the actual purchase transaction, it’s considerably more challenging to determine all the mobile interaction factors leading up to the final purchase

Those texts to and from friends, the quick mobile search while looking at a product in store and the reviews read on a phone while waiting for a bus are just a few of the many influents points along the way to a purchase.

All the recent studies point to more shopping via mobile device.

But no matter the device, mobile shopping is always on.


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