Q&A With Paul Dolan, Xaxis' New SVP, Global Business Development

As reported yesterday, GroupM agency trading desk Xaxis has named Paul Dolan senior vice president, global business development, a newly created position. Dolan had previously been Xaxis' managing director, North America. RTM Daily caught up with Dolan to find out how his day-to-day routine changes, why he took the job, and why Xaxis created the position in the first place.

RTM Daily: What part of your day-to-day duties will be the same? What will be the biggest difference? 

Paul Dolan: It’s a new position within Xaxis, and the major shift in terms of what I’ll be doing is really one of scope.  Whereas previously my focus had been U.S. and Canada-specific, I’ll now be concentrating on our global efforts.  So for example, coordinating global partnerships, developing new sales channels around the world and deepening our relationships with global advertisers.  I’ll also be managing our global client development and direct business teams as well as supporting our efforts in new markets we enter.



RTM Daily: How does the new position (regardless of who owned the titled) help Xaxis? What does it change about the company? 

Dolan: It’s really a function of the tremendous growth we have experienced over the past two years and reflects the global nature of our business and our advertisers.  We launched Xaxis in June 2011, and as we enter year three we want to further strengthen our global support structure.  Our individual markets and regions have done a tremendous job developing their clients and partnerships and I’ll be looking to synthesize various best practices to help our global clients share great ideas across all markets.

We’ll also continue to develop our direct-to-advertiser solutions for those brands that do not need a full media agency, as well as work to identify new partners that will bring value to Xaxis and our clients on a global basis.

RTM Daily: Why did you take the new job?

Dolan: The most exciting thing about this role is how it represents a new stage of growth for Xaxis as a company.  We have grown into a truly global organization since our launch two years ago and I look forward to bringing some of the lessons learned in building our U.S. and Canada businesses to our operations around the world.

At the same time, I’m also excited to learn the nuances of each of the 26 countries we operate in.

RTM Daily: Thanks, and congratulations! Any final comments?

Dolan: It’s a great time to be in Audience Buying and specifically at Xaxis.  I look forward to building out our global team to support clients, partners and new Xaxis markets.

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