Samsung Lowers UHD TV Prices

Samsung, which has a 4K TV on sale for $40,000, will introduce a pair of cheaper models next month. Of course, cheap is a relative term when it comes to ultra high-definition (UHD).

A 55-inch will go for around $5,500, while a 65-inch model will command about $7,500. Those afraid the stock may run out can start pre-ordering next week.

Samsung’s 85-inch UHD set is available for $39,999, down $5,000 below the suggested retail price.

UHD sets offer four times the resolution of traditional HD, though there is scant -- if any -- native UHD TV content available. Content appears in a UHD resolution via an up-conversion.

Sony’s 84-inch UHD set goes for about $25,000. Its 55-inch and 65-inch models are cheaper than Samsung’s at $4,999 and $6,999, respectively. LG has an 84-inch set at about $20,000.

Toshiba will introduce its first UHD sets in the U.S. next month, as will Sharp. Toshiba’s 84-inch model will come with a suggested retail price of $16,999, while a 58-inch model will carry a $4,999 tag. Sharp's 70-inch set will go for about $7,999.

As 4K sets proliferate, LG has an 84-inch Ultra HD set on sale for $19,999 -- below Sony's $24,999.
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